The SANTA ANA BUSINESS COUNCIL, INC consists of individual and organizational members representing many of the prominent businesses in Fourth Street & the Business District community.  In addition to rehabilitating, re developing an reinvigorating Fourth Street & the Business District position as the County's preeminent leader of, commerce, finance and services introducing all the amenities of urban community life, including social services and facilities and programs in Education, Recreation, and the Arts.


The SANTA ANA BUSINESS COUNCIL, INC serves as a vehicle for Fourth Street & Business District and institutional leaders to interact, develop common goals and Objectives.  To work in concert with the public and with representatives at every level of local, state and federal government to facilitate implementation of its plans and long-term vision.  Specific objectives of the association are to foster, promote and support: physical improvements, parking facilities in the area; preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of buildings, structures and sites of historical interest; establishment and maintenance of non-profit publicly accessible museums, Libraries and other cultural, educational, recreational, humanitarian, patriotic and civic facilities and programs; and to honor organizations and individuals that have rendered distinguished service to the area.


"Our continued support for small business in the Fourth Street & Business District" We are convinced that this undertaking will add more employment opportunities, will create improved and upgraded jobs in the area, and will result in higher wages and better wages and better living conditions."  SANTA ANA BUSINESS COUNCIL, INC focuses on increasing and expanding the available social, cultural and recreational services, with our principal partner: The City of Santa Ana.

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